die Kräfte des Schicksals (the forces of destiny), 1990
Video-installation, Shedhalle, Zürich. Curated by Harm Lux.

The Shedhalle is set up in the 1980s in the Rote Fabrik along with other alternative groupings, where its representation of the young art scene is eyed critically. In this situation, Chiarenza & Hauser design a satirical scenario. They place a hundred wooden stools in the exhibition space through which lit-up blue TV lamps have been maneuvered. The cables glide along the floor, intertwine and thus infiltrate the whole exhibition area. A series of portraits show seven people on whose forehead a slice of melon is stuck. All those portrayed are looking into a rearview mirror, which is mounted next to the photo. Thus the group appears to be a bizarre community that draws its energy from an enigmatic situation. Fiberboard tiles reinforce the room’s four corners and give the impression of a barricaded room. Displayed in vitrines are the newest electronic devices, which however are linked in an only makeshift way, as if one lived in hiding. In the room, seven TV sets hang on chains from the ceiling, on which seven videos are synchronously played. By adding the videos’ introductory text fragments together, you get the words “As well as” with the subtitle “Etc. and one ohh for all”. The dense progression of sequences is decomposed abruptly by the next appearing pictures; the compactly layered picture plane seems almost impenetrable.

(Excerpt from text by Susann Wintsch, in: we save what you give, monograph on RELAX, A project by edition fink through Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2006)

The installation contains rearview mirrors, portrait photographs, the mural writing “THE QUESTIONS TO YOUR ANSWERS” and “10”, showcases, thermal lamps, TV bulbs, walkie-talkies, photovoltaic devices, solar cells, cables, 100 kitchen stools, various fiberboard panels, 12 wooden plates, 7 TVs with integrated players hung from the ceiling. The videos: life is progress, 2’50’’, a new man for a new world, 4’50’’,blue all over blue, 6’10’’, christophe photographiert, 9’20’’, der sinn des lebens, 12’55’’, der sinn der quellen, 17’56’’, lovestory / boxing / what is for you important in life, 11’22’’.