your project is our project, 1989
Installation, The Corridor, Reykjavik.

The artist Helgi Thorgils Fridjonsson makes the corridor of his apartment available for independent experiments. Chiarenza & Hauser coat the wall of the corridor in navy blue, which is spanned between the fuse box and the two light switches like a sea between two continents. On the upper right we see the Fridjonsson family fishing and two photos of a cachalot (whale). Portraits of the artists are placed on the lower left. The silver-gray sentence fragments “Your project” and “is our project” frame the horizontal line and leave the conclusion open as to whether a complicit association is meant or a hostile takeover.

(Excerpt from text by Susann Wintsch, in: we save what you give, monograph on RELAX, A project by edition fink through Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2006)