GO MIO. The secret rationale behind world culture, 2008
Video installation, Museum Folkwang Essen Curated by Gerrit Gohlke and Sabine Maria Schmidt.

The installation at Museum Folkwang Essen was the first presentation open to the public on the secret rationale behind world culture, at Zollverein Essen and wherever.

Installation views of the Research Institute for Baking Smaller Bread Loaves

On the walls: some archive prints of the research (videostills, portraits and views on Zollverein) and three photographic portraits of the RELAX members, together with André Luthy, product designer. The photographs are:

creative industry (big size)
research (middle size)
art (small size)

The documents of the research: MDF-table, lacquered in white (grid drawn on its surface). On the table: a drawing of all legends, 1 small coal bread, 1 coal baguette, 5 coal pieces, 2 bonbons from the tourist office, 4 black ceramic bowls, 2 leftover cakes from the production of consecrated wafers, 8 drawings illustrating ideal coal bread, 1 glossy photo of a virtual black bread (42 x 60cm), 1 digital print A4 representing possible virtual coal bread. Two pedestals with plexiglass, a goldnugget and a piece of coal from the museum that seems to be the Louvre of Mining (Bergbau-Museum Bochum), on the floor galvanized metallic grids, some orange and magenta awning,

The videos are documents of the conversations with
- Corinne Valentin, in charge of Marketing and Communication, Development Society Zollverein EGZ, Essen-Katernberg. Time 7‘49“.
- Thomas Rüth, director Youth Aid Network North, Essen-Katernberg. Time 16‘32“.
- Claus Leggewie, director Institute of Culture Sciences KWI, Essen. Time 23‘33“.
- Stefan Hilterhaus, artistic director PACT Zollverein, Performing Arts Choreografisches Zentrum NRW. Time 14‘04“.
- Edith Hertzler-Hohn and Dorothée Grewer, owners of Das Fünf Mädelhaus, tavern, Essen-Stoppenberg. Time 8‘55“.
- Ute Durchholz, in charge of Press- and PR Communication/Ruhr Museum, Essen-Katernberg. Time 16‘32“.
- Christoph Mattes-Christiani, in charge of Resourses Planning and Account Management, Montan-Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH (MGG), Essen. Time 19‘23“.