the big sellout, 1998
Installation in: Switzerland on the move Pulchri Studio, The Hague. Curated by Markus Landert.

RELAX use a receipt for the first time as an artwork. On the Paradeplatz in Zurich they sell a ten-franc bill for nine francs. The money market is made up of RELAX: Daniel Croptier hands out the ten-franc notes, Daniel Hauser the profits and Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza writes out the receipts. Over forty people agree to this speculation and buy their own money with a ten percent profit. The performance acts out the deflationary state of culture: a low consumer mood lets prices drop below the actual value of the products.

Within the framework of an economic summit between Switzerland and the Netherlands, they displayed their receipts in an exhibition. They subdivided access to the exhibit into economy class (green) via a gateway of raw wooden planks, and business class (blue) furnished with color and light. While entrance via economy class was gratis, business class cost one unit of currency. Later one franc was found in the donation pot.

Performance: On a saturday in autumn, during one hour, RELAX sell ten francs bill for nine francs, a ten percent discount, on the Paradeplatz in Zurich. Cash balance: CHF 43.- deficit.

Installation: photographs, 1 showcase for 43 invoices, 1 wooden entrance (“economy class” in green and “business class” in blue), 1 glass jar on pedestal at the “business class” entrance

(Excerpt from text by Susann Wintsch, in: we save what you give, monograph on RELAX, A project by edition fink through Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2006)