kredit. bezahlt sein um nichts zu tun (credit. being paid to do nothing), 2007
Performance in: Close Enough. Walking Conference. Steirischer Herbst, Graz. Curated by Gesa Ziemer and Florian Malzacher.

Can you save friendship like you save money? This walk with RELAX took out a loan from the audience without bankrupting anyone. On this joint walk around the city, friendships were spent while meeting friends or colleagues on the way. The walk with a group of gutsy people and specially invited guests and friends such as Sabeth Buchmann (art historian, professor at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna) and Peter Kaschnig (architect, Graz) started at noon in front of the fountain at Karmeliterplatz (Carmelite Place). RELAX served drinks such as martinis and red wine in paper cups with the words ‚FIFTY-fifty‘ written on them. All participants had to hand over their cash, credit cards and other valuables to RELAX. Sabeth Buchmann as cashier safeguarded the valuables in a transparent plastic bag.

Throughout the walk, four more fountains and the Promenade Café were visited. In front of every fountain RELAX served more drinks in paper cups with the printed words‚ you pay but you don‘t agree with the price‘. During the conference, RELAX brought up issues like professionalization in the arts, producing art as an activity that wouldn‘t be possible without the solidarity of friends, hospitality, abundance and waste. At the Promenade Café, RELAX ordered beer, coffee and tea for the participants and showed them the video who gets the beer?, duration: 2‘28“, 2005. The video shows a man and two women ordering a tea, a coffee and a beer. The question was: who gets the beer? Who gets the bill? However, at the end of the walk, all the valuables were returned to the owners...