reservoir news, 2010
Video. Duration: 29‘, HDV, PAL.

The video is about hit the ground! a RELAX action which took place at the Passengers Festival Money For Nothing in Warsaw, september 10 & 11, 2009, curated by Kuba Szreder. Realized in the financial district of Warsaw, reservoir news brings up issues on wealth, on the act of giving instead of saving and on the theological aspects of banking and financial institutions.

The elements: Public sidewalks next to financial centres and banks, 6 donation boxes, 1 news van, 2 videocams, microphones, 1 photo camera and some coins. Soundtrack: voices of the protagonists, ambient noice of the City of Warsaw, short snippet out of money for nothing, 1985, by Dire Straits. The locations: Palm Tree on Aleje Jerozolimskie, permanent sculpture by Joanna Rajkowska; Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe, Novy Swiat 6/12; Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., Piękna 20; Polbank EFG, Plac Nowowiejski/Ul. Mokotowska 19; PKO Bank Polski, Rondo Dmowskiego; Warszawaskie Centrum Finansowe, Emilii Plater 53; Polbank, Centrum Kredytow Hipotecznych, Marszalkowska.

The main protagonists are a team of 16 persons from Czestochowa, Gliwice, Radom, Torun, Warsaw and Zurich. The members of the team were donators: Monika Molenda, Rafał Mroczek, Aleksandra Mysiorska, Agnieszka Palińska, Ewa Szymańska and many passersby. The experts: Michał Kozłowski, philosopher, Magda Leszko, project coordinator, Kuba Szreder, curator. Camera team: Kasjan Borkowski, Tomasz Soliński. Photographer: Łukasz Niewiadomski. Interviewer: Maria Tatarek and translations by Katrin Hermann. The van driver: Joanna Wosztyl.