human resources – human resources, 2016
C-Prints and performance in: Waste Value Rising (Abfallwert steigend), Kunst Haus Wien, Garage. Curated by Barbara Holub.

The exhibition Abfallwert steigend (waste value rising) turns the Garage at KUNST HAUS WIEN into a “space for discussion” on art objects and the value of labour, thereby placing the narrow borderline between value and non-value, loss and increase of value in the context of current social issues. Garages often serve as interim storages for things and passions whose future and use are uncertain; things one cannot (yet) do without or doesn’t want to get rid of. In this sense a garage is a place where the line between current and potential value, between “art object” and “waste” is blurred. The value of labour is subject to drastic fluctuation, is determined variously in different contexts and is latently subject to loss of value and the categorisation as “waste”. The exhibition presents international artistic positions at the interface of art, ecology and economy and points to the material effects of the cycle of consumption, waste, disposal, recycling on our social and natural environment.

RELAX is represented in the exhibition by human resources – human resources. The work, which takes the shape of two posters mounted in the inner courtyard of KUNST HAUS WIEN, takes on “the widely and uncritically accepted word combination of human beings and resources, expressing usability”.