Fortune Teller, 2017
Audio installation in: Yellow Creature, Kunstmuseum Lucerne, 2017. Curated by Fanni Fetzer.

Yellow wall paint is covered over with grey wall paint. The yellow paint sweats through the grey paint and becomes partly visible. A pair of yellow gloves hang on a wire from the ceiling. Five hoardings; nine sprayed chairs. Two audio panels also hang from the ceiling. A quite pleasant story is told, which almost turns into a drama. Two different voices (both in German and in English) are the narrators. Voice 1 belongs to a palm reader. Voice 2 belongs to a client. Each audio file lasts ca. 3’. During their visit to the installation viewers are informed that they can sit on the chairs at their own risk. They listen to this story while the client’s palm is being read:

Voice 1
Life is beautiful.
You lead a fantastic life.
You feel real good.
You are often spoiled.
And you are constantly being flattered.
You eat only the best.
Which drives you to eat even more.
In fact, you are really stuffed.
Oh no!
All of a sudden, things turn really bad.
I see nothing good.
You will become subject to violence and …

Voice 2
Thank you very much, said the client.
Now I understand your art better.
It doesn’t seem so incredible to me anymore.
Nevertheless, it might be better if I took off my leather glove beforehand.

Photos: Marc Latzel