wiewieviel? (howhwomuch?), 2017
Video installation in: An Exhibition for You, Helmhaus Zurich. Curated by Daniel Morgenthaler.

The installation stands on an added floor painted in grey. A wall panel and a hoarding are the backbone of the installation. Its front face shows three motion detectors, the photo of a crossing in Brooklyn with the strapline All you need is love and a pair of shoes and a YOUBOX, containing a dark red liquid which can be moved by the visitors. The rear side shows an octopus and three wiper-machines which are slowly erasing the strapline containing the same sentence as the photo on the front face. The wiper machines are put on by the unsuspecting visitors detected on the front side of the backbone. A screen shows the video of the feminist economist Mascha Madörin who is talking about un/paid work. Duration of the video: 23’.

Photos: FBM Studio, Zürich