YOYO, caprices des dieux, 2007
Sound-installation. Permanent work / commissioned by the City of Zurich, New Sports Stadium Letzigrund, Zurich.

The sound installation with 13 voices is plugged in the loudspeaker-system of the stadium (laughter and weeping). Time: 3‘. It can be heard once a day at noon and before and after every big event (soccer games, athletic meetings, etc.). The sound starts on the playing field and moves spirally outward to the periphery of the stadium. The installation uses all the loudspeakers mounted underneath the oval stadium roof. The laughter and weeping voices are emitted by 13 persons. Some of them are regionally known in Switzerland and some of them internationally for their activities in sports, in the visual arts, pop and rap music, poetry slams, theatre, radio- and TV-shows. Others just live next to the stadium or work at the stadium. Finally there are the voices of the new stadium’s two architects. The sound spiral ends with their laughter.

The sound installation responds to the main theme proposed by curator Susann Wintsch, which is the moment of cathartic impact as described by the Aristotelian vision of drama theatre. Participants (laughter and weeping voices):

Sabrina Altermatt, hurdle sprinter, Leichtathletik-Club Zurich
Marie-Claude Bétrix, architect, Bétrix-Consolascio architects, Zurich
Andreas Bühler, director of the Sports Office, City of Zurich
Marco Cribari, sprinter, Leichtathletik-Club Zurich
Katia Cuevas Ikezu, SC YF Juventus, Zurich
Lisa Ehrensperger, architect, Frei & Ehrensperger, Zurich
Boni Koller, author and musician, Zurich
Köbi Kuhn, coach of the Swiss soccer team, Zurich
Peter Landolt, manager Letzigrund Stadium, Zurich
Regula Pfister, CEO ZFV-Unternehmungen, Zurich
Suzanne Zahnd, author and musician, Zurich
Big Zis, rapper, Zurich
Alex Zwalen, artist, Zurich
Cooperation and Production:
Margrit Bornet, actress, voice coach, Zurich
Anet Corti, actress, Zurich
Silvia Orthwein-Erhard, Project-Organisation, Meilen/ch
Ruedi Muntwyler and Jan Rieder, Studio Bellerive - Condor Films, Zurich
Tobias Waldmeier, Joy-Productions, Menznau/ch