is JUSTICE justice?, 2015
Neon sign, blue light, 40 x 100 cm. Commisson / permanent work EFTA Court, Luxemburg.

Even written in small letters, justice is a big word. It stands for a requirement that is always dependent on a context. In English “justice” stands for the application of law, for rights, for the court, the judicial system, the judge. The word stands for a framework that concerns rights. Thus, for instance, the court is mostly recognized by society as a public authority that, through a procedure, announces decisions on disputes. The course and the outcome of a litigation are not clear beforehand. At its core it is almost always the interpretation of the law. The neon light writes the word justice in two ways on the public stage of a courtroom, here for the supranational authority of the EFTA Court. The artwork is aimed at all those who use or visit the EFTA courtroom during, or independently of, a lawsuit.