guest_*talk: what we do for? what we do with?, 2016
LE FOYER Müllerstrasse 57, 8004 Zurich/ch, sunday, June 12, 11 am

A discussion with Mascha Madörin and Chus Martinez, led by Daniel Hauser. The feminist economist Mascha Madörin and the curator Chus Martinez in discussion with Daniel Hauser, member of the artist group RELAX, are questioning the mode of operations of capitalism in the art context. The discussion group is interested in understanding how artists finance themselves today. They reflect on what potential (capability) they have when engaging in experiments outside the classical realization process and are thereby ready to socially point out the question of power. This guest_*talk is part of a lecture series-programme organised by Daniel Hauser, head of art studies, F+F School of Art and Design in Zurich.

Le Foyer
F+F school of art and design