houhouhaha #3, 2016

HEAD (School of Art and Design) Geneva
L'Art à l'hôpital HUG (Hospitals of the University of Geneva), CAAP Grand-Pré, 70C, rue Grand-Pré
3 June 2016 to 31 July; Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 9h à 17h

The students of Work.Master present Houhouhaha 3 which - as a project – is a residency studio at CAAP (the Ambulatory Consultation for Psychiatric Addictology), realized by the Work.Master programme, Master of Visual Arts in the framework of the Festival 50JPG. The exhibition was initiated by Michèle Lechevalier (Cultural Affairs of the University Hospitals of Geneva). With Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza, member of the artist group RELAX, Sarah Colman, Simon Derouin, Aaron Fabien, Gitte Hendrikx, Samuel Lecocq, Irene Munoz Martin, Juliette Russbach, Mounia Steimer, Grégoire Züger, Aurélie Merline Zoss and Caroline Momo.

To lose the control means: the feeling for time gets diluted, the usual navigation capacity gets slowed down or gets even lost. Working on site and meeting the surgery staff, while being inspired by the mazy and administrative architecture, the group has developed concepts responding questions on social control, linked f.e. to doors, rituals or words. Where is the key? Will the door stay open? No, no keys, I don't have a key. Did you lose your key? Who are you? a patient? An artist? A surgery person?

L'Art à l'hôpital HUG
50JPG Centre de la Photographie