Silvia Federici, on some images from her publications, 2015
A video by RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co)
In: up-close and amnesiac, 2015

The protagonist Silvia Federici describes a painting by Rodolfo Morales pointing out the productive work of women he is representing. Then, she talks on some illustrations in her book «Caliban and the Witch. Women the Body and Primitive Accumulation» (Autonomedia, 2004); raising issues and questions like: «why at the dawn of capitalism you have so much butchery? Particularly butchery coming directly from the state, butchery against vagabonds and against women». Silvia Federici talks about the middle ages and the war against women, about the transition from medieval feudalism to precapitalism; capitalist productivity and the destructive processes which go along with it.

Duration: 10'25''
Language: english
Protagonist: Silvia Federici, author, activist, professor emerita Hofstra University
Authors, editors: RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co)